Jutawanklik.com pissed my web browser home page

Lahore, Punjab Province 1 comment

jutawanklik.com, this website occupied on my all web browsers, whenever i click to open any website it comes up, i have used a lot of Antivirus and Anti Malwares but could not get rid it off please help me how to avoid this? i cant even go to Google.com, i have reinstalled Windows Vista many times but all in vain, what the fukc is this website, i even cant understand its language, i searched on another computer its a Malaysian Language, and they work for online earnings and other stuff, i think its a scam or nothing else

Review about: Antivirus Support.



If you did a clean install of Windows Vista which obviously you did not, then you would've wiped your hard drive clean meaning this would no longer be on there.But obviously you did not.

So stop lying and actually do the complete reinstall of Windows Vista.

Or better yet don't download every little thing that you see on the internet.***!

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